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Bassie Babe – Ubom Bam Magazine Vol #003

Release Date – 17 February 2019

This month, we are talking about love, the importance of love and being loved, family love, and all the kind of love you can think of.
We look at factors that cause depression and suicidal. No one wants to be unhappy, everybody wants to feel special. so this month let’s spread the love and share it. Be there for someone and let them know you care because at the end of the day life is too short and life goes on .February issue will have artists like Pax the pianist, Empire State, Obed Shongwe and many more. They share their stories and yes they will appreciate sponsors to help them to reach their goals. Most artists are facing financial challenges, we also look at other people’s stories. These stories are touching. Let’s try to help and build one another. nobody wants to help these days.
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